About the company

Experience and guaranteed quality in all our projects.
The experience and quality in land constructions, and in building materials, valorose the company in the conscience of the world and the market, giving it a significant position in the field of construction.

The experience and knowledge in Land Constructions gave the company a market position and a prestige in the construction field.

The company oparates in land constructions (like excavation, earth fills, new roads, fields configurations, etc.) as well as the supply of iron which are processed in a proprietary structural steel crafts but also it has to do with building providing the construction and building materials to customers anywhere and anytime using our own crane trucks.

The company name EDAFOTEXNIKI - Andrigiannakis become synonymous with quality and the resistance of our structures. Not accidentally, the participation in major development projects in our region, as the dam of Faneromenis, the new road Apomarma - Kasteli, manufacture of biological, and more (more details of our projects).

The company with the primary purpose of proper and speedy completion of the work undertaken as well as the excellent customer service they trust us with their work, have brought us to the point to say that whatever we undertake, guaranteed signing our name in both quality and durability of our products..


Our Projects

Earthworks for the construction of house in the area SAINT GEORGE(THE RING HOYSE) Earthworks for the construction of house in the area SAINT GEORGE(THE RING HOYSE). ...
New highway section Castelli - Apomarma Our company participated in the opening of the section of the new highway Castelli - Apomarma a work ...
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